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Staff Representative Attorney

AFSCME Council 4
Posting Date:
July 01, 2021


Independently provides the full range of collective bargaining services to affiliated locals.  Plan, manages and conducts contract negotiations, including interest impasses resolution procedures.  Prepares and presents cases before administrative bodies. Advises and assists local leadership in managing the local union, organizing the local membership and general guidance concerning labor relations. Develops non-bureaucratic programs to empower the membership and local leaders in responding to work related issues.


Performs tasks independently; works under the supervision of the Director of Collective Bargaining and Organizing.


May have lead responsibility over other staff as assigned.


Provides the full range of collective bargaining services to affiliated local unions as described in the following areas:

CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS: Plans, manages and conducts contract negotiations including interest impasse resolution procedures, hearings and briefs. Acts as chief spokesperson in contract negotiations.

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION: Responsible for the preparation and presentation of grievances from the step before arbitration through arbitration and briefing.  Provides advice and guidance to local leadership concerning issues of contract interpretation and application.  Represents local union through arbitration.  Represents members at informal unemployment and worker’s compensation hearings.

PROHIBITED PRACTICES: Prepares prohibited practice complaints before the respective boards; preparation and presentation.

 CIVIL ACTION:  Applications to vacate, modify confirm Arbitration awards.

  • Court Appeals – review memorandum of decisions and applicable documents and presentation for said appeals.
  • Defense of CHRO Complaints
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Related legal duties of the Locals and Council that are assigned.

ORGANIZING: Establishes and implements plans for organizing existing members in support of the social, political and collective bargaining aims of the Council and local.  Assists local leadership in the development of internal organizing campaigns (demonstrations, job actions, etc.).  Assists and identifies leads and organizes new bargaining units.  Develops local leaders to build strong local unions.


Assists local leadership in managing the local union by providing guidance in running meetings, political activity and advising the local leadership on the general conduct of the local union’s social, political and collective bargaining activities.


Education and Experience:

Five (5) years experience in labor relations, including contract administration and the presentation of grievance arbitration cases and prohibited practice complaints.  Must have and maintain State of Connecticut Law License.

Knowledge, Skill and Ability:

Considerable knowledge of public and private sector labor laws and the related case law.  Familiar with the preparation for and conduct of contract negotiations, including impasse resolution procedures.  Knowledge of the process of prosecuting and defending prohibited practice complaints.  Knowledge of the methods and procedures for preparing, presenting and briefing grievance arbitration cases.  Knowledge of parliamentary procedure, AFSCME union structures bylaws and goals; and knowledge of the general conduct of local union affairs.  Knowledge of health insurance and pension administration, FIOA, OSHA, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, FMLA, and ADA.

Research and negotiation skills.  Interpersonal skills to convince and persuade, as well as diffuse hostile situations.  Empathetic listening skills.  Organizational skills and detail-orientation.  Decision-making skills.  Writing skills.     

Sufficiently proficient in mathematics to perform the necessary calculations to analyze payroll costs, contract proposals and budgets.  Ability to develop cost projections in percentages and absolute values; develop graphs and similar presentation materials.  Ability to give clear and concise written expression of theories, evidence and argument in complex documents such as brief, contract language, offering documents, last best offers, narrative reports, promotional material and general correspondence of a complex nature.  Ability to make effective oral presentations in a variety of forums including negotiations, formal hearings, public meetings and union meetings.  Ability to anticipate counter arguments and persuade others.  Ability to develop positive and productive relationships with local leaders and bargaining unit members. Ensure outstanding representation of the organization to internal and external allies and constituents.


Extensive travel required.  A valid driver’s license required.


Please submit a cover letter with resume to:

AFSCME Council 4

C/O:  Megan Batchelder, Executive Assistant

444 East Main Street

New Britain, CT  06051 

Fax:  860-224-3041 or Email:

Closing Date:  Tuesday, July 13, 2021 by 5:00 pm.