Article II - Objectives

The objectives of this Federation are:

  1. To promote the organization of workers in general and public employees in particular.
  2. To promote the welfare of the membership and to provide a voice in the determination of the terms and conditions of employment. We are committed to the process of collective bargaining as the most desirable, democratic, and effective method to achieve this. Both as union members and as citizens, we shall also employ available legislative and political action.
  3. To promote civil service legislation and career service in government.
  4. To provide research and educational services and activities designed to assist members and affiliates.
  5. To foster cooperation among affiliates. 
  6. To cooperate with other labor organizations in particular and other segments of our society in general towards the end that the material riches of American society be more justly distributed and the moral promise of American life be realized.
  7. To work with our brothers and sisters in other lands towards the improvement of the conditions of life and work in all countries, towards the diminution of international tensions and a reduction in the use of armed force to resolve disputes, and towards genuine fraternity of all workers.