Article VII - The International Vice Presidents

Section 1. International Vice Presidents shall be elected from each Legislative District, as established in Article IV, Section 27, of this Constitution, by the convention delegates from such Legislative Districts, at the 1972 regular biennial convention and at every second regular biennial convention thereafter.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of each International Vice President:

  1. To attend and participate in all conventions of the Federation held during such Vice President’s term of office.
  2. To attend and participate in all meetings of the International Executive Board.

Section 3. Each International Vice President shall have the authority:

  1. To serve on any committees of the International Executive Board to which such Vice President may be elected or appointed.
  2. To perform such other duties as may be requested by the International President or the International Executive Board.

Section 4. No International Vice President shall become a salaried employee of the Federation without first resigning as an International Vice President. No salaried employee of the Federation shall be an International Vice President.

Section 5. If vacancies exist in the office of International President and the office of International Secretary-Treasurer simultaneously, the most senior International Vice President alphabetically shall temporarily assume the duties and responsibilities of the International President until such time as the vacancy in office is filled as provided in this Constitution and shall issue a call for a special convention to fill the vacancy in that office as provided in this Constitution.