Suggested Ritual and Order of Business for Local and Council Meetings

The following material is not a part of the Constitution. It is included for the information and guidance of the officers of locals and councils.

The President (or Chairperson of the meeting) calls the meeting to order.

  1. Roll call of officers. (The President asks the Recording Secretary to call the roll of the officers.)
  2. Reading of minutes of the last meeting. (The President asks the Recording Secretary to read the minutes of the preceding meeting.) The President then asks if there are corrections to be made in the minutes; corrections should be noted. If no objections are made, the President may declare the minutes accepted.
  3. Initiation of new members. (The President asks the Recording Secretary to read the names of the new applicants for membership, and as the names are read, these applicants step forward to be initiated. After all applicants’ names have been read, the President asks all members to stand. The President then gives the Membership Obligation to the new members, during which time all members remain standing.)
  4. Reading of correspondence. (The President asks the Recording Secretary to read the important correspondence.)
  5. Reports of Officers. (As may be necessary.)
  6. Reports of Committees.
  7. Unfinished Business.
  8. New Business.
  9. Good and Welfare.
  10. Adjournment. (A motion to adjourn must be made, seconded, and voted upon.)