• The better organized we are,
    the stronger we become

he bigger we are, the stronger we are. When we speak as one, our jobs improve, public services improve — our communities improve.

We cannot afford to stand still. The attacks on public services and the working people who provide them are at an all time high and will only get worse unless we come together.

In order to level the playing field for working families we need to build a strong union. 50,000 new members is just the beginning. United, we win. Learn more.

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Susan McCasskill
When I talk to some of the newer bus drivers, explain to them the history and how it’s with unification that we become stronger, they sign up right there.
Susan McCaskill
Bus Driver
Atlanta, GA
Thomas Jones
Once we sit down and explain what the union's about, they get it. They sign up.
Thomas Jones
Corrections Officer
Huntsville, TX
Phyliss Pitts
To be honest, it was tiring, but I think worth it. I ask everyone at work; make sure they're signed up. We're getting there.
Phyliss Pitts
Special Education Teaching Assistant
Louisville, KY
Vince Trevino
Me talking to them as a co-worker is what pushed them over the top. I definitely enjoyed the experience. I know it’ll be worth it, growing our union.
Vince Trevino
Heavy Equipment Operator
Pueblo, CO
Janelle Blake
There are still people who don't know their rights, they don't know about the union. I want to change that.
Janelle Blake
Homecare Worker