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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

“Coakley’s defeat was a reminder that Americans are still struggling”

AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee on Massachusetts Election Results

Washington, DC — 

“Martha Coakley’s defeat last night was a reminder that Americans are still struggling and sent a wake up call that our elected leaders need to deliver on job creation and on saving jobs. The simplistic analysis, pumped up by Republican and insurance company rhetoric, is to blame health care reform for Coakley’s defeat. But in fact, Americans continue to support the key components of health care reform, such as assuring affordability and prohibiting denials for pre-existing conditions. And we must fix health care now if our economy is to improve.

“As we head into 2010, we must heed the lessons of last night.  We must show bold action and determination by passing real health care reform now.  And we must pass a jobs bill that saves existing jobs and creates new American jobs.  Accomplishing these goals will inspire confidence that Democrats know how to govern by fulfilling their promises, rather than abandoning their principles when the going gets tough.”

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