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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rally on Boston Common Part of National Effort to Pass Jobs Bill

Boston — 

On this last day of the fiscal year in most states, efforts are underway throughout the nation to urge Congress to end the GOP filibuster on the jobs bill and enact legislation to help the unemployed and states dealing with unprecedented budget shortfalls. Ten governors are holding a joint afternoon press conference and rallies are taking place in 18 states:

  • Thousands of state and local government employees gathered in Boston for the AFSCME Convention will rally at the Parkman Bandstand in the Boston Common at 3:15 p.m.
  • Governors from six states plan a Washington, D.C. press conference to highlight the need for immediate help for state and local governments, including: Governors Granholm (MI), Gregoire (WA), Parkinson (KS), Patterson (NY), O'Malley (MD) and Rendell (PA). They will be joined via telephone by Governors Quinn (IL), Ritter (CO), Schwarzenegger (CA) and Rell (CN).
  • AFL-CIO members are rallying at the offices of 17 Republican Senators who opposed the jobs bill last week, including events in: Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.

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