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Thursday, May 26, 2011

GOP Leadership Jobs Agenda “Out-of-Touch with Reality”

Statement of AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee regarding the House Republican leadership’s release of a jobs agenda

Washington, DC — 

“Just like the GOP plan to end the guarantee of Medicare for retirees, this so-called jobs agenda is out-of-touch with reality. With millions of Americans out of work or under-employed, the corporate-backed leadership in the Republican Party responds with a push for more reckless tax cuts, deregulation and greater incentives for corporations to ship American jobs overseas. These are the same failed policies that produced the economic disaster we have been living with since the Bush administration. Lax regulations and one-sided trade agreements drove our economy off the cliff. Instead of putting people back to work, investing in our schools and the vital services communities rely upon during difficult economic times, the Republican leadership promises more handouts for Wall Street and the oil industry. This isn’t a jobs agenda. It’s a recipe for prolonged unemployment while transferring more of the tax burden onto middle class families.”

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