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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

“It Is Time to Create Jobs Instead of Destroying Them”

Statement of AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee on recent reports of increased state tax revenues

Washington, DC — 

“States are finally beginning to turn the corner on the economic disaster created by the misguided right-wing ideologues who allowed greedy bankers and corporate CEOs to turn Wall Street into a casino. In recent days, we have learned that California, Michigan and New Jersey will all collect more in tax revenues than they expected earlier this year. Other states, from Rhode Island to Wisconsin, Delaware to Oregon, have announced similar good news on the revenue front.

“This is more evidence that the best way to get America’s economy moving forward is to put more Americans back to work. We have had more than a year and a half of job growth, but it is time to pick up the sluggish pace. It is essential that we pursue policies to continue creating jobs, in both the private sector and in the public sector. Corporate CEOs are still hoarding more than a trillion dollars in cash instead of expanding their business and hiring more workers. At the same time, in too many states, politicians continue to lay off hard-working Americans who teach our children, plow our streets, protect our communities and care for seniors and the sick.

“That is not the way to strengthen the middle class and create an economy that works for everyone. It is time to pull together to create jobs instead of destroying them. As revenues increase at the state level, we must invest those funds in creating and preserving public service jobs, rather than funding unwise tax cuts for the wealthy. It’s time to stop the dangerous cuts to essential public programs, which middle class Americans need to prosper, and focus our efforts on creating more jobs.”

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