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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Governor Walker is “Tearing Wisconsin Apart”

Statement of AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee in response to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union rights bill that was rammed through the state senate

Washington, DC — 

“At a time when we should be pulling together to create jobs, Governor Walker and the legislators who back him are more interested in stripping nurses, teachers, correction officers, bus drivers and EMTs of their rights. This is a question of right and wrong. The governor is tearing Wisconsin apart when voters want real solutions to the problems they face.

“This is about more than Scott Walker's arrogance. He is tossing aside basic American values. Public workers fought long and hard for the right to collective bargaining. Martin Luther King Jr. died defending that right for AFSCME sanitation workers in Memphis. We are not going to allow a small group of radical politicians in Wisconsin destroy what Americans have fought generations to win.”

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