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Monday, February 13, 2012

AFSCME’s McEntee: Obama Budget Puts Middle Class First, Right-Wing Temper Tantrum Ensues

Statement of AFSCME Pres. Gerald W. McEntee on President Obama’s 2013 Budget

Washington, DC — 

“President Obama’s 2013 budget proposal acknowledges the simple truth that creating jobs and strengthening the middle class will build a stronger economy for everyone. The President calls on all Americans to pay their fair share; the budget makes important investments in infrastructure, schools and job creation. President Obama once again has put the needs of middle-class and working families above those of Wall Street brokers and hedge fund managers.

“The proposal will create jobs and move our country forward, yet right-wing Republican leaders are already throwing a temper tantrum – in an attempt to distract voters from the truth. We don’t need any more tax cuts for the wealthy, and we don’t need advice about fiscal responsibility from the people who ran up the biggest deficits in our country’s history. It’s time we all pay our fair share and help rebuild our country.

“The president’s budget asks all of us to pull together.  It offers real solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing America.”

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