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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ohio Retirees: Kasich Endorsement Shows Romney, Ryan “Not on the Side of Working Ohioans”

Washington, D.C. — 

Tonight, Governor John Kasich will take the stage at the Republican National Convention to endorse the policies of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – policies that would crush Ohio’s working middle class, rob Ohio seniors of retirement security and deny Ohioans their opportunity to realize the American Dream. Jean Fightmaster, an OCSEA retiree from Columbus, Ohio, had this to say concerning Kasich’s appearance at the convention:

“Governor Kasich knows all too well how voters in our state feel about the Romney-Ryan attacks on working Ohioans. Last year, voters rejected Kasich’s attempt to steal the rights of working people by a two-to-one margin. Romney endorsed that attack, so you better believe we will turn out this November to vote for the candidates who will put Main Street ahead of Wall Street.

“John Kasich’s appearance tonight reminds us where the candidates for president stand.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not on the side of working Ohioans. President Obama and Vice President Biden will protect the rights and freedoms of the working middle class. The choice is clear.”

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