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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wisconsin and Ohio Workers Blast Kasich and Walker RNC Speeches

Washington, D.C. — 

Today, workers in Wisconsin and Ohio blasted Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Ohio Gov. John Kasich as they prepare to speak to the Republican National Convention.

Jean Fightmaster, an OCSEA retiree from Columbus, Ohio, commented on Kasich’s appearance at the convention:

“Governor Kasich knows all too well how voters in our state feel about the Romney-Ryan attacks on working Ohioans. Last year, voters rejected Kasich’s attempt to steal the rights of working people by a two-to-one margin. Romney endorsed that attack, so you better believe we will turn out this November to vote for the candidates who will put Main Street ahead of Wall Street.

“John Kasich’s appearance tonight reminds us where the candidates for president stand. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not on the side of working Ohioans. President Obama and Vice President Biden will protect the rights and freedoms of the working middle class. The choice is clear.”

Jim Garity, a highway department truck driver from Palmyra, Wisconsin, blasted Scott Walker’s appearance at the convention:

“Americans saw firsthand the dirty, ‘divide and conquer’ politics Scott Walker employed to steal rights away from Wisconsin’s teachers, EMTs, corrections officers and other public sector workers. The Koch brothers may have Governor Walker on speed dial, but for the sake of working Americans everywhere, let’s make sure they don’t get an open line to the White House.

“Like Scott Walker, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will continue the war on working people by ramming through an agenda that lowers taxes on the rich, raises them on everyone else, and robs seniors of Medicare and Social Security. President Obama and Vice President Biden will unite us to secure an economy where everyone has a fair chance at success and economic security.”

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