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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders on the Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy

Washington, DC — 

“Words seem inadequate to describe the horror and heartbreak facing the families who lost loved ones in the wake of the Moore tornado. The grief of parents who have lost children must be more than their hearts can bear. Our prayers go out to the families of Moore and to all the people of Oklahoma.

“As of now, we believe all of our members and their families are safe. We are grateful that none have lost their lives. Our members in Oklahoma City, Muskogee and other communities are among those responding to the tragedy. AFSCME members who work at the Lake Draper Water Plant are working to restore the plant, which was put completely out of commission by the tornado. Other members in the region are delivering water, food and generators to those in need. We are inspired by their service during this terrible crisis.

“Several AFSCME members in Oklahoma have lost their homes. Others have sustained significant damage to their houses and property. In the days ahead, we will do all that we can to be of help to them. The AFSCME Fallen Heroes Fund will be providing financial support and assistance. We will let members around the country know how best they can contribute to help those who have suffered as a result of this devastating disaster.”

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