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Thursday, November 02, 2017

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders on House Majority Tax Plan


AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders issued the following statement on the tax plan released today by House majority leaders that would dramatically benefit corporations and the wealthy at the expense of working people:

“This tax bill is another gift to the powerful corporate special interests who manipulate our politics and politicians.

“Working people, seniors, and children will pay for this bill’s tax giveaways to corporations and the super wealthy by way of partisan gamesmanship that will force cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and public education. But to add insult to injury, the bill will starve communities of state and local public services, stifle job growth, and cause many middle class families to actually be hit with a tax increase.

“Real tax reform would ask corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share, not reward them with more giveaways they don’t need, at the expense of working families.”

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