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Thursday, February 16, 2017

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders on New Hampshire “Right-to-Work” Vote


AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders issued the following statement on “right-to-work” failing to pass the New Hampshire House:

“Today’s vote is a victory for working families in New Hampshire and a defeat for the corporate special interests attacking working people across the country.

“The people of New Hampshire sent a clear message today: In an unbalanced economy manipulated to benefit the wealthy few, lawmakers should make it easier, not harder, for hard-working people to come together in a union to get ahead.

“So-called right-to-work laws result in lower wages for all workers because they erode the ability of working people to speak up together for fair wages, benefits, and protections that set standards for all workplaces.

“AFSCME members are committed to our communities and to making New Hampshire a better place to live for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful.”

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