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Appendix A: Sample Survey For AFSCME Women’s Committees

The following survey can be used by local and council women’s committees to assess the needs and interests of AFSCME members. The survey could be distributed at union meetings or conventions, by stewards or committee members at worksites or in union newsletters.

Depending on the kind of follow-up the women’s committee wants to do, it may be a good idea to ask for the name, address and local number of the member who fills out the survey. If you feel that asking for names will result in some members not completing the survey, you can make the name and address information optional.

Feel free to modify the survey in any way so that it best suits your needs.

The Women’s Rights Department at AFSCME can help local and council women’s committees with information, program ideas and education programs. Our phone number is listed in the resource section of this guide in Appendix D

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