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Women’s Committee Program Ideas

Successful AFSCME women’s committees around the country have sponsored a wide variety of programs and activities, including the following:

  • Conferences of one or two days with speakers and workshops. 

  • Education programs set up separately or in conjunction with other union events or meetings. 

  • Women’s breakfasts at conventions. 

  • Activities focused on women which support the union priorities (e.g., fighting privatization or organizing). 

  • Presentations in schools about unions. 

  • Annual awards dinners recognizing outstanding contributions to women’s rights. 

  • Monthly or quarterly newsletters with updates on local, state and national women’s issues and events. 

  • Columns on women’s issues in general union publications or newsletters. 

  • Potluck suppers with speakers or films or for project planning. 

  • Women’s health fairs. 

  • Fundraising activities such as raffles, special events or sales (buttons, T-shirts, etc.). 

  • New member information packets containing council and International brochures, a copy of the contract and material on the women’s committee. 

  • Union office displays on women’s rights and women’s history; displays can also be done in conjunction with local libraries or women’s centers. 

  • Activities around special events such as Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October), Breast Cancer Awareness Month (also October), or Women’s History Month (March). 

  • Research, analysis and advocacy on specific issues (e.g., sexual harassment, child care, pay equity). 

  • Joint projects with the Political Action Committee such as: 

    • Lobbying and advocacy on state or federal legislation of interest to women—pay equity, family and medical leave, more funding for after-school care and child care programs, etc.; 

    • Voter registration or political issue education programs targeted at women; and 

    • Petition drives on issues (such as support for state pay equity legislation).

The AFSCME Women’s Rights Department can provide further information or assistance with any of these ideas, or help committees develop new programs.

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