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Violence Against Women

  • Battering is the greatest single cause of injury among U.S. women, accounting for more injuries and deaths than auto accidents, mugging and rapes combined. According to the Surgeon General, battering affects more women every year than are affected by breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Health care professionals and policy makers only recently have recognized domestic violence as a major public health problem. 

  • While there are strict laws mandating that health care personnel report child abuse, there are no similar requirements for filing police reports about violence against adult women, although research shows 22 to 35 percent of women who visit emergency waiting rooms come as the result of abuse. 

  • Nearly 4,000 women die each year as the result of domestic violence. 

  • Violence will occur at least once in two-thirds of all marriages. 

  • Domestic violence is not confined to the poor or to certain races and ethnic groups, but is prevalent throughout society. 

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