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Facts at Your Fingertips: Collective Bargaining

Table of Contents
  1. Getting Started
  2. Contract Language
  3. Wage and Salary Data
  4. Cost of Living
  5. Fringe Benefits
  6. Employer Research
  7. Costing the Contract
  8. Collective Bargaining Laws

AFSCME activists can also use the Internet to prepare and inform themselves before going into collective bargaining negotiations. Some of the tools available in this section include checklists of contract clauses, sample bargaining surveys, sources of wage data and sample contract language. Additional links can help you research the laws governing your bargaining rights and the agencies responsible for enforcing these laws.


ADDITIONAL HELP: AFSCME council and unaffiliated local staff may request additional bargaining assistance, such as model contract language, customized wage surveys, and analysis of the employer’s budget or employee benefits proposals, by contacting the Department of Research and Collective Bargaining Services.


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