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Wage and Salary Data

When developing wage proposals, it is often useful to know what employees in comparable classifications and jurisdictions are making.

National Compensation Survey – Wages

The Bureau of Labor Statistics collects hourly wage data for a variety of job classifications. Use the “Create Customized Tables” feature to select areas, occupations and levels, and generate tables of wage data.

National Compensation Survey – Compensation Cost Trends

This site will give you the average increase or decrease in wages, benefits or both for general occupational classes. It does not give data for a specific job classification, nor does it separate increases that resulted from union wage settlements. Changes in union members’ median weekly earnings are reflected in the Bureau of Labor Statistics annual news release on Union Membership.

Search by job category, then occupation and major metropolitan area or zip code. This site helpfully provides job descriptions so you can determine that you have comparable job titles. A report will give you the low, median and high annual salary figures for the job you selected. Additional features permit comparison of the local salary rate to either the national salary for that classification or the salary in another major metropolitan area. There are also links to other salary surveys for the classification selected.

Search by job title and either major metropolitan area or zip code. The report gives range and average annual salary. It also adds the value of benefits and other compensation. It automatically compares the salary to the U.S. average for the job title as well as to the cost-of-living for the geographical area, which could help in justifying the need for a wage increase. A brief position description is included.

America’s Career InfoNet

Search by job classification and state, and get median and hourly wages. Data tends to be a little old but the site does offer projected increases in the average wage for a classification as well as the ability to compare the median wage across all states or across multiple metropolitan areas. Additional salary surveys are prepared by private groups or by state departments of labor.

JobStar: Profession-Specific Surveys

This site is particularly useful for finding salary surveys of professional job titles.

AFSCME Laborlinks: State Departments of Labor

AFSCME LaborLinks: State and Federal Government Salary Schedules

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