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Sexual Harassment - A Union Issue

Sexual harassment is a type of illegal sex discrimination, yet it affects over two-thirds of working women and a significant number of men. Despite much public education through the media and through training programs from unions, employers and advocacy groups, the number of sexual harassment complaints filed rises every year.

Increasingly, AFSCME union contracts are including specific language to deal with sexual harassment. More and more employers are adopting and enforcing anti-sexual harassment policies. Sexual harassment victims have been winning in court, some in high-profile cases. Yet sexual harassment remains a serious workplace problem, extracting from its victims high economic and emotional costs.

There are many successful strategies the union can use to deal with sexual harassment and to create a climate in the workplace in which sexual harassment is not tolerated. AFSCME must play a key role in preventing sexual harassment and many of our councils and locals are in the forefront of this struggle. This booklet provides guidance for union members and leaders to help eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace.

Lee Saunders Elissa McBride
International President  International Secretary-Treasurer


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