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Caring for our elderly family members is a rewarding experience shared by nearly every family at some time. However, it also is often a stressful experience due to inadequate workplace and national policies.

AFSCME has long recognized the benefits of family-friendly policies to its members. That's why for many years the International has provided locals and councils with the technical assistance and information they need to start such programs at AFSCME worksites. This manual on eldercare is designed to help AFSCME members find the information and services they need to care for their elderly relatives. It is also a guide for councils and locals working with employers to establish eldercare programs.

Moreover, AFSCME's commitment to our families is the reason we have fought tirelessly to establish and preserve national policies which protect families, such as the Social Security Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Despite recent setbacks, we remain dedicated to enacting a national health plan which provides every American with comprehensive coverage, including long-term care.

Sadly, many of the programs on which senior citizens and their families depend are now under assault. We are witnessing continuing efforts to reduce our national commitment to such vital programs as Medicare, Medicaid, and community services, such as Meals On Wheels.

As AFSCME continues its fight at the state and national level to protect the programs American families cherish, we have prepared this manual to help AFSCME members with their eldercare needs at work and in their communities. 

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