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WORKS: Fall 2011

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A Main Street Movement

AFSCME members nationwide are coming together to fight for jobs and justice in the workplace.

Table of Contents
  1. The Birth of a Main Street Movement
  2. Energized for the Fight
  3. A Personal Battle on Main Street
  4. AFSCME: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  5. Economic Recovery Relies on Jobs
  6. It’s Not a Spending Problem. It's a Revenue Problem.
  7. “Crossroads” Puts American Dream in Crosshairs
  8. AFSCME Across America: Organizing for Power
  9. Members Connect with LGBT, Latino, Asian Pacific Groups
  10. Connecticut – Teamwork Saves Drowning Boy
  11. District of Columbia – AFSCME Helps Kick off National Home Care Movement
  12. Iowa – No More Corporate Agenda!
  13. Illinois – Coalition Blocks Bill Attacking Pensions
  14. Nebraska – Activists Declare Victory for Working Middle Class
  15. Michigan – Workers Fight Dictatorial Law
  16. New Jersey – Public Service Workers Combat Union-Busting
  17. New York – Unions Protest Bloomberg Budget Cuts
  18. New York – Lillian Roberts, New IVP
  19. Florida – In Memoriam: Blondie P. Jordan
  20. Rhode Island – Members Prepare for Pension Fight
  21. Ohio – Victory Earned for Ohio Prison Workers
  22. Texas – ‘HOPE’ Wins Contract, Reverses Unjust Policies
  23. AFSCME Members Rebuild after Devastating Storms
  24. ‘Next Wavers’ Learn to Confront Challenges
  25. Nurses Fight for Medicaid, Medicare
  26. Public Safety Officers Honor Fallen, Pledge to Mobilize
  27. AFSCME Executive Board Summary Report
  28. One On One: A Conversation with Walthene Primus
  29. Remembering: Worker Sacrifice on 9/11
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