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Connecticut – Teamwork Saves Drowning Boy

David Mancini
Teamwork = A Life Saved | New Haven 911 dispatcher David Mancini, a member of Local 884 (Connecticut Council 4), helped save a 4-year-old boy who fell into a pool. (Photo courtesy New Haven Independent)

“We were all doing our job as a team,” says David Mancini, a member of Local 884 (Connecticut Council 4). Acting in concert with family members and his co-workers at New Haven’s 911 Emergency Communications Center, he saved the life of a 4-year-old boy.

One morning in July, Mancini, 43, was working at his normal post as a 911 dispatcher when he received a call concerning a child who had fallen into a swimming pool. Family members pulled the boy out of the water and immediately dialed 911. Mancini fielded the call and, over the phone, directed a 20-year-old family member in successfully performing CPR.

The key, the dispatcher points out, “was working as a team… to keep the child alive until emergency crews got to the scene.” The young lifesaver he coached “was in a panic, so I had to calmly talk him through the procedure, step by step,” says Mancini. “It was important to make him part of the team and keep him focused until the EMTs arrived.”

Mancini and his co-workers at the communications center respond to myriad emergencies every day. A 15-year veteran, he has assisted in the delivery of babies, and once helped rescue a disabled man in a wheelchair from a burning house.

Like public workers across the country, Mancini considers his job a vital service to the community. “Our members enjoy what they do and are proud to serve,” says Ronald Hobson, president of Local 884. “They work together as a team.”

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