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Coalition of Labor Union Women's 8th Convention

Dearborn, Michigan

More than 1,000 women and men attended the Eighth Biennial Convention of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) held here October 12-15.

"Together we can restore America to sanity,” CLUW Pres. Gloria Johnson told the convention. She stressed the importance of women’s full participation in unions. “Today our labor movement is looking at ways to include more women and people of color,” said Johnson. “Diversity and inclusion strengthen our unions and the labor movement.”

AFSCME International Vice Pres. Linda Chavez-Thompson (at that time a candidate for the position of AFL-CIO executive vice president) also addressed the group. “We are one labor movement today, and we will be one labor movement after the AFL-CIO convention,” she said. “We have to open the labor movement up to new voices, new blood. The process of decision making has to change,” said Chavez-Thompson. “The Coalition of Labor Union Women should be in the front seat—if not in the driver’s seat. We need more women organizers to organize more women workers,” she said.

Delegates debated resolutions and constitutional amendments and elected the officers who will lead CLUW over the next two years. They participated in a “shop-in” for American-made/union-made merchandise at a nearby mall and joined an action supporting strikers at the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News. They re-elected Gloria Johnson CLUW president, and New York AFSCME Council 1707 Exec. Director Josephine LeBeau CLUW vice president.

AFSCME members met in caucus to elect delegates and alternates who will serve on the CLUW National Executive Board for the next two years: Delegates—Lavada Rice, Carrie Miller, Anita Patterson, Dorothy Chambers, Shirley Revells, and Juanita Steele; Alternates—Belinda Dixon, Ella Gordon, Geraldine Foster, Arline Tuff, Judith Lawrence, Rhonna Bonsu, Mabel Everett, and Adelaide Wyllie.

CLUW has over 20,000 members representing more than 60 unions—in 75 chapters—across the country.

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