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Ohio - AFSCME Members Win the ‘Big One’

Mega Millions winners

MILLIONAIRES – All The 15 winners of a $207 million Mega Millions jackpot at a Dec. 17 press conference in Piqua, Ohio 

Photo Credit: Mike Ullery/Piqua Daily Call

Piqua, Ohio

The fortunes of 13 members of Local 984 (Council 8) turned into a dream-come-true just before Christmas when they — plus two others — won a $207 million Mega Millions jackpot in December.

Dubbed the “Fortunate 15,” the lottery winners include 14 Piqua city employees and a relative of one worker. They took their bonanza as a $146.8 million cash payment. That’s $101.3 million after federal and state taxes.

The winners, who work mostly in the city’s Street department, include Local 984 Pres. Jon Dembski, 48, who declined to comment on his good luck. The other AFSCME members to claim part of the winnings are Scott Bradley; Loyal Davis, Jr.; Richard Donnelly, (the two-ticket holder); Clifford Helman; Cynthia Hershberger (the local’s chief steward and secretary); Kenneth Kirby; James Montgomery; Jolaine Routson (a Parks and Recreation Department employee); Amos Steinbrunner; Dennis Steinke; Rodney Stephenson and Ritchie Williams.

Non-AFSCME winners are supervisor Arthur Rudy and Davis’s father-in-law, Thomas Hill Jr.

The city itself will share directly in their luck — about $2 million in income taxes, according to City Manager Fred Enderle, who told the Dayton Daily News, “This may be the money we need to see us through the recession.”




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