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What Have You Done For Us Lately?

AFSCME is busy every day helping members overcome problems — on and off the job. Here are the stories of some of those members who learned that having a union means having a friend.

Jim McTigue probably never thought he would need his union for anything more than bargaining on wages and working conditions. But when trouble came, the union made all the difference. They backed McTigue all the way to victory.

Those of us who have a union do not always realize how fortunate we are. Just as we rarely notice the air until we have trouble breathing, so many union-represented workers are oblivious to the importance of their union until something goes wrong.

The next time you are tempted to wonder what your union has done for you, please consider your daily work life. Do you earn vacation, sick leave and paid holidays? Do you have health insurance and pension coverage? Do you earn overtime for extra hours? Is there a procedure in place to bid on jobs? Are you able to speak up about safety and health issues? That’s your union in action.

The union is on the job every day — even when you don’t notice it. The following are stories of AFSCME members whose union came through for them when the chips were down. This is what their union did for them lately.


By Susan Ellen Holleran
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