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Answering the Call (continued)

Hundreds of AFSCME members across America are or have been on active military duty in Iraq and Afghanistan — or here in the United States. They are the full-or part-time soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen/women in the Reserves or National Guard, and we are adding their names to the AFSCME "honor roll" we inaugurated in the July/August 2003 issue of Public Employee.

AFSCME is proud of the men and women from our ranks who are serving their country. One of these servicemen is Master Sgt. John Nicotra of the Air National Guard's 177th Fighter Wing. In civilian life, Nicotra works in computer operations for the New York City Human Resources Administration. He is also a shop steward for Local 2627 (DC 37).

As reported by Jane LaTour in DC 37's Public Employee Press, Nicotra was called to active duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom on Feb. 20, 2003. His unit joined the 447th Air Expeditionary Unit, made up of Air National Guard and active-duty troops. Though he is a Vietnam-era vet, Nicotra's first experience in a combat zone was in Iraq — at the age of 56.

His job: to help support the Army's combat soldiers in the field by setting up bases, hauling supplies, feeding troops — the kind of behind-the-scenes work that is critical to the success of a military mission. He also has supervised the dining room and directed recreation services in two locations — including setting up film showings, card tournaments and even communications links to the states.

After returning home recently, Nicotra recalled the troops he served. They were very young, he said. "I'd see them in the dining room and put my kids' faces on them." Here are names of other AFSCME members who, at last report, have been serving their country.

  • This list is necessarily incomplete. Some affiliates have no records of members on active duty. If your affiliate does, and the names do not appear here, please e-mail them to AFSCME Public Affairs.



Bill Normandy, 42, a custodian/bus driver
for the Barre Town School District in 
Vermont, and a member of Local 1369
(Council 93), died of a heart attack while
training with members of his state's Army
National Guard unit on March 14 in Kuwait. 
He was called to duty in January. Normandy
is survived by three young children.


Council 66
Eric Soto

Ohio Civil Service Employees 
Association/Local 11
Kenneth Adkins
Donald Baker
David Barcus
Christopher Barnhart
Ryan Baumgartner
Brian Beal
Rick Beer
Tad Bolon
Jason Brogley
Eugene Burress
Earl Campfield
Randy Carver
Shane Cieszeski
Keven Clouse
Troy Coen
Aaron Croft
Kurt Dahlby
Eddie Dedeaux
James Dezee
Chester Divito
David Dovenbarger
Stephen Dummitt
David Dunifon
Randall Dunlap
Osbardo Flecha
Jeffrey Glenaman
Shawn Glenn
Kenneth Gordon
Jerry Gray
Brion Gribble
Keith Hager
William Hall
Jason Heard
John Heckler
Daniel Holdren
Chris Honeycutt
Forrest Hunt
Dale Jackson
Bryan Jameson
Andre Johnson
Jack Johnson
Brian Jones
James Jones
Larry Karshner
Harry Killen
Marcie King
Randall Kintz
Richard Koleszar
Andrew Lamotte
Nannette Lewis
John Lovette
Timothy Mathews
Kent McClure
Mark McElroy
Cornelius McGrady
David McQuaide
Ralph Miller
Thomas Moore
Michael Morgan
John Morton
Ryan Murphy
Greg Myers
Stephen Nassano
Harold Nicely
Dwaine Pease
John Peters
Ryan Pfeffer
Joseph Riedlinger
Dale Roberts
Steven Roby
Wahneta Rohde
Mark Scott
Keith Seville
Jeremy Shearer
Andre Sims
Willie Sims
Timothy Stevens
Julie Stewart
Bradley Strickland
Michael Summers
Ishmial Swafford
Daniel Sword
Susan Traylor
William Tungate
Jesse Villearreal
Timothy Vinson
Ronald Ward
Anthony Weeda
Michael West
William Wilkinson
Albert Williams
Chad Williams
Samuel Williams
Brion Wood
Randy Workman
Steven Yinger
David Yingling
Joseph Young

Council 13

Local 906
John Evanskey
Stacey Teeters

Local 2047
Clark Woodley
Robert Pegg

Local 2246
Don Stephens

Council 59

Local 169
Ervin Huber 
Brett Warren


District 1199 
Geneen Campbell
Wamence Louis 
Wanda Okunsanya

Council 27
Robert Farrar

Council 2

Local 275
Wayne Self

Council 24
Tracy Aiello
John Alvarenga
John Archambault
Durdin Augustus
Nicholas Banuelos
Richard Bark
Vince Barker
Eric Bearce
Grant Berg
Jonathan Bessler
William Binnebose
Robert Blodget
Craig Boehike
Kelly Bourgeois
Roger Callewaert
John Canter
Robert Coggan
Erin Cull
Brian Cunningham
Timothy Dahnke
Benito Delacruz
Craig Delorme
Aaron DeMarte
Peter Disher
Robin Dresen
Steven Ferguson
James Finley
Andrew Force
Willard Franzen
Ryan Frost
Mario Garcia
Gene Gebhard
Dorian Gosha
Raymond Grabowski
Mark Graf
Charles Griffith
Kirk Grill
John Hahn
Michael Hanson
Zachary Hendrickson
Luke Herbst
Robert Herde
Edward Hoffman
Jeremy Hoffman
Martin Holtz
Luevenia Jackson
Andrew Jones
Kim Kaphingst
Joseph Klich 
Gene Koch
John Koci
Elaina Koltz
Patrick Konz
Wayne Kraft
Kristine Krueger
Robert Lade
Stuart Landis
James Larson
Albert Lavender
John Lehr
Linda Levenick
Stephen Lezala
Daniel Loeffelholz
Brian Martins
Kathryn Marz
Robin Meiklejohn
David Melby
Shannon Merkel
Martin Messa
Chet Millard
Patrick Moser
Tony Olrick
John Ott
Timothy Panula
Steven Pariseau
Joe Parker
Keith Parmentier
Thomas Parrish
Alan Partridge
Gary Peck
Michael Pecore
David Pehl
Jason Raffel
Raymond Reichel
Steven Robinson
Bernard Rombalski
Alan Ruechel
Jason Russell
Richard Russell
Todd Russell
Philip Scarpace
Wendy Schroeder
Derek Schuette
John Seidl
Cole Smith
Walter Smithson
Lyle Spurgeon
Rhae Stertz
Matthew Strub
Emil Toney II
Mark Tranel
Jon Vankeuren
Todd Weinberger
Timothy Wichman
John Wolfe
Jason Wollersheim
Marvin Wunder
Mark Yackley
Dean Yourchuck
Robert Zwickey

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