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Organizing for Power

From state to state, workers are organizing with AFSCME for a voice on the job. Here are some recent victories:


A 192-member group that produces meals for Atlanta's public schools voted 52 to 14 to form a union with Local 1644. The unit, which works for Sodexho, includes food service workers, cashiers and managers.


Nurses at the Shiawassee Medical Care Facility voted for Council 25, bringing in 13 registered nurses and 22 licensed practical nurses.


In Yellow Medicine County, 16 courthouse employees, frustrated with low wages and concerned about job security, organized with Council 65. The unit consists of auditors, inspectors and clerks.


An election held for 70 service and maintenance personnel at the St. Cloud Nursing Home in West Orange, N.J., resulted in a 46-to-10 vote for District 1199J, National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees/AFSCME.


At the Dr. Katharine Dodge Brownell School, a unit of 18 day care workers voted 12 to 2 to join District Council 1707. The school provides early childhood education for working families in New York City.


A group of 42 training specialists at Goodwill Industries in Columbus voted to form a union with the Ohio Association of Public School Employees/ AFSCME Local 4. These new members work at Goodwill's community health center.


Some 600 Department of Transportation employees are now part of the Washington Federation of State Employees/AFSCME Council 28, after voting AFSCME, YES! by 252 to 79. They join 4,000 other state employees who have organized since 2002 and are starting their first negotiations under the new collective bargaining law.

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