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Missouri - Worker Seek Better Care for Veterans

STANDING UP FOR VETERANS | Members of Local 2730 (Missouri Council 72) are fighting to improve care for their nursing home patients.

Local 2730


STANDING UP FOR VETERANS | Members of Local 2730 (Missouri Council 72) are gighting to improve care for their nursing home patients.


Photo Credit: Thom Boik

St. Louis, Missouri

Nursing assistants and other health care workers at the Missouri Veterans Home in St. Louis are fighting for increased staffing levels so the residents will get the care they deserve.

At informational pickets this summer, the workers—members of Council 72—explained that the home’s administrators often demand that they work more than one shift because of insufficient staff—a process called mandation. The practice affects their personal lives and diminishes their ability to give proper attention to the 300 veterans who live at the home.

“A few months ago, we were being mandated three to four times a week,” says Regina Furr, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and the chief shop steward for Local 2730, which represents approximately 280 employees at the home, including CNAs and craft and maintenance workers.

Management says its policy “is a part of the job here,” says Furr. “If you refuse, that’s an automatic termination.”

The CNAs would like to see more staff hired so that they can spend quality time with the veterans.

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