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Wisconsin: Only the Beginning

Public service workers' pensions and other benefits are being attacked by right-wing ideologues and corporate billionaires.

Public service workers' pensions and other benefits are being attacked by right-wing ideologues and corporate billionaires who want to eliminate services, reduce corporate taxes and take away the collective bargaining rights of hard-working Americans.

Anti-Worker, Right-to-Work Laws Across the Nation

Right-To-Work Laws

Hard-right politicians are trying to silence the voice of unionized public service workers, across the country, through the introduction of so-called “right-to-work” bills. Right-to-work laws make unions represent all eligible employees, whether they pay dues or not. As a result, unions use their time and members’ dues money providing union benefits to free riders who won’t pay their fair share. Despite a big push by right-wing politicians, union members and community supporters beat back attempts in states such as Indiana and Maryland.

Where Collective Bargaining Is Under Attack

Collective Bargaining Under Attack

In order to advance their anti-worker agenda, corporate-funded politicians need to undermine unions and the best way to do so is by stripping them of their right to collectively bargain. Without the right to organize and bargain for a better future, the hard-right will effectively silence the voice of the middle class so that there is no check on corporate power. Wisconsin and Ohio were their blueprints, but their attacks threaten to continue. This is why we are fighting back.

Where Pensions Are Under Attack

Pensions Under Attack

Extreme-right ideologues across the country are set on seizing public pension assets and leaving them at the mercy of the stock market through 401(k) plans. Their goal is to weaken public sector unions and workers who rely on a public retirement system. Their excuse is that pensions are not fully funded and their liabilities pose a serious fiscal risk. The reality, however, is that pensions have not only been affected by the economic crisis, but they have been systematically raided by irresponsible politicians to pay for other programs and tax cuts. Nonetheless, recent studies show that state and local pension trusts have regained much of the asset value they lost during the 2008 market downturn.

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