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Romney Loves Outsourcing. Why That Matters to America.

He’s got his eyes on the White House. Ours are on his anti-worker record.

By Kyle Weidleman

Mitt RomneyAs working families struggle to make ends meet in a tough economy, much of the policy debate in the 2012 Presidential election centers around who has a better plan to create jobs. Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney says his private sector experience is an indicator of how he would govern, and he frequently criticizes offshoring and outsourcing — the practice of companies shipping American jobs overseas.

In fact Romney knows quite a bit about outsourcing American jobs; he was the head of a company that was a pioneer in the practice. Add that to his history of valuing profits over people and it’s clear that AFSCME members and our allies must work to defeat Romney and ensure the next President builds an economy that will work for, not against, working families.

The first step is to make sure that our families, friends and neighbors understand the truth about Romney’s record and his economic agenda. Let’s take a look:

At Bain Capital, Romney was known for his hands-on management style, and the company invested in a series of firms that specialized in outsourcing American jobs, according to The Washington Post. He can’t run from that record no matter how hard he tries.

Seven of the top companies in which Bain Capital was the majority owner during Romney’s tenure, went bankrupt. These bankruptcies led to thousands of layoffs across the United States, but Romney and Bain still found a way to make millions off the deals. Now, Romney claims that his experience running Bain and sending American jobs overseas best qualifies him to lead the nation’s economy.

Romney infamously told an Iowa crowd in 2011 that “corporations are people.” When the crowd expressed disbelief he doubled down, saying that corporations getting huge tax breaks was good for the average Joe. We know the average Joe never sees that money.

In 2008, he proposed in a New York Times op-ed that the American automotive industry should be allowed to go bankrupt. This was at a moment in time when the Big Three U.S. automakers were in peril of collapse and millions of U.S. jobs were threatened.

Romney demonstrates repeatedly that he is a danger to Americans worried about their job security. He is campaigning to increase unemployment woes.

This summer, Romney attacked Pres. Barack Obama, saying, “He says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.”

Meanwhile, top Romney surrogates John Sununu and anti-worker Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels suggest that taxpayers truly want fewer teachers and first responders. Yet, the facts do not back up their claims. An October 2011 poll conducted by CNN found that 75 percent of Americans would prefer to send “federal money to state governments to allow them to hire teachers and first responders,” the same positions Romney wants to cut. In September 2011, 70 percent of Americans believed “providing funds to state and local governments to prevent layoffs of teachers, police officers, and other first responders” were an effective way to create jobs, according to a National Journal poll.

Mitt Romney’s actions at Bain Capital and anti-worker statements as a Presidential candidate make it clear that he cares more about mega-rich donors and corporate “people” than he does about working families and public services. Our AFSCME sisters and brothers need you involved in this year’s election, to make sure we return President Obama, a champion of working families, to the White House.

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