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Why Stopping the Romney-Ryan Budget Matters

The Romney-Ryan budget would increase the deficit, hurt the poor and help the wealthy.

By Laura Reyes
Secretary-Treasurer Reyes
Secretary-Treasurer Reyes

I’m a mom of three. A home care provider. And your new secretary-treasurer.

In each of these jobs, there are challenges. And in each of these jobs, I find that focusing on solutions that work is more effective than getting bogged down in the challenges. I know that when we’re facing unprecedented attacks, solutions can seem out of our reach. But they’re not, sisters and brothers. Together, through organizing, through collective bargaining, through political action and through good policy-making, we can create solutions. We can create change.

Product of Change

Like collective bargaining, like unions, home care is a product of change we created together. If it weren’t for Medicaid — a program which home care providers fought for and which covers the services we provide for the majority of people we serve — home care wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, this program is now attacked by politicians who undervalue the work of home care providers, and all public service workers.

Mitt Romney promises to repeal President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which gives more than 32 million Americans access to quality care. (His pledge seems even more like nonsense in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s affirmation of Obamacare earlier this summer.)

Instead, Romney favors a budget crafted by his Vice Presidential pick Rep. Paul Ryan that would devastate Medicaid as we know it, slashing home care for the people home care providers serve. Medicaid benefits allow more than 3 million seniors and people with disabilities to remain independent and in their homes. With a Romney-Ryan budget, these 3 million people would be at risk of losing that life-saving home care.

Our Communities Rely on Our Work

The Romney-Ryan budget would increase the deficit, hurt the poor and help the wealthy. It threatens Medicare and Social Security. It would cost our economy an estimated 4 million jobs in just two years. It would undermine the jobs of public service workers of every sector.

Our work’s importance is clear. People need clean streets, quality health care and safe communities. Our communities rely on our work, and our efforts help create a better life for the people we serve. Yet if Mitt Romney has his way, that accomplishment will be wiped out.

We will not let him have his way. We are going to pull together, re-elect President Obama together and find solutions together. Because there is a better way, sisters and brothers. Let’s find it, together.

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