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WORKS: Winter 2012

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We Did It!

A Main Street movement stood up for Ohio workers. Across the country, the struggle continues.

Table of Contents
  1. AFSCME Turns the Tide, But the Struggle Continues
  2. We Are AFSCME, We Are the 99%
  3. FYI
  4. AFSCME Convention 2012
  5. Organizing for Power
  6. At Privatized Prisons, the Bottom Line Trumps Safety
  7. The Sham Pension Crisis
  8. We Are AFSCME
  9. A Vote to Inspire the Nation
  10. AFSCME Takes Fight for Workers Nationwide
  11. AFSCME Urges Re-election of President Obama
  12. GOP Candidates a ‘Fraternity of the 1 Percent’
  13. AFSCME: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  14. Colorado – Food Drive
  15. Puerto Rico – Members Negotiate Solid Three-Year Contracts
  16. New York – Working Together To Beat Anti-Worker Incumbent
  17. California – Union-Led Coalition Protects Hospital Patients, Workers
  18. AFSCME Members Give Generously To The Fallen Heroes Fund
  19. Oregon, New York – AFSCME Mourns Four Tragic Deaths
  20. Arizona – Score Another Defeat for Union-Busting Efforts
  21. New Hampshire – Anti-Union Bill Defeated By Labor Coalition
  22. Michigan – Judge Blocks Veterans Home Privatization, Preserves Quality Care
  23. Ohio – Historic Agreement Extends Collective Bargaining Contract
  24. Tennessee – In Memoriam: Taylor Rogers
  25. Connecticut – Corrections Officer Saves Colleague’s Life
  26. Wisconsin – AFSCME Women Get Organized
  27. AFSCME Executive Board Summary Report
  28. Q&A: Ed Schultz
  29. AFSCME Honors Dr. King with Fight for Jobs, Justice
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