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WORKS: Fall 2016

An Election That Really, Really Matters

AFSCME Works Fall 2016Hillary Clinton, a former Secretary of State, a former U.S. senator, a former First Lady — a friend of working families, of labor, of AFSCME. This is, without a doubt, the most critical election in our lives. Meet some of the AFSCME members who tell why they are voting for Hillary Clinton Nov. 8. Page 6.

Our children mean everything. If the unimaginable happens — if a child goes missing — we will do anything it takes to find her or him. AFSCME, in partnership with the National Child Identification Program and the American Football Coaches Association, is providing free ID kits to members nationwide. Page 14.

When the rains kept falling in Louisiana in August, few could imagine the catastrophe that would quickly befall Baton Rouge. The flooding destroyed homes and lives — and the hopes of many survivors who found themselves swamped by losses that are still being tallied. Some survivors are AFSCME members — and some AFSCME members volunteered to help them recover. Page 10.

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