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WORKS: Spring 2014

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Growing Our Union

We're hitting the streets, proving there's power in numbers.

Table of Contents
  1. The Value of Our Union
  2. Americans Deserve Opportunity. Our Opponents Want to Steal That.
  3. It’s Time to Get Active, and Grow Our Union.
  4. FYI: News You Need, In Brief
  5. We are AFSCME
  6. Organizing for Power
  7. Resources
  8. 5 Things You Need to Know About the Attacks on Workers’ Freedoms
  9. Goal: 50,000 Stronger
  10. Don’t Mess With AFSCME: Texas Members Get Organized for Political Change
  11. Announcing the 41st International Convention
  12. Many Reasons for Insourcing. No. 1: Keep Children Safe
  13. Making a Splash with Insourcing
  14. Fierce Winter Weather Brings Out the AFSCME Heroes
  15. Legislative Updates: We’re fighting for our rights, raising our voices
  16. Memphis, Tennessee: City Approves Historic Retirement Measure for 1968 Strikers
  17. Albany, New York: Opposing a Race-to-the-Bottom Budget
  18. Seattle, Washington: Through His Union, a Personal Victory Over Outsourcing
  19. Phoenix, Arizona: Community to City Hall: Bargain Fairly
  20. Miami-Dade County, Florida: Workers Win Back 5 Percent of Their Salaries
  21. Indianapolis, Indiana: Keeping Pensions Public and Out of Corporate Pockets
  22. Des Moines, Iowa: Joining AFSCME to Protect Their Rights
  23. Little Rock, Arkansas: Going the Other Way on Pensions Hint: The Right Way
  24. Sacramento, California: Diagnosis: Too Few Medical Interpreters Remedy: Organizing!
  25. Hibbing MINNESOTA: See What Solidarity Brought to This Local
  26. Still Speaking Out LOUD for Our Right to Organize - (Back Cover)
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