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WORKS: Summer 2014

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Growing Our Union

We're hitting the streets, proving there's power in numbers.

Table of Contents
  1. Job No. 1: Reaffirming American Values This Election Season
  2. Different Jobs, Common Cause
  3. Legislative Updates: State Legislative Roundup
  4. F.Y.I. News You Need, In Brief
  5. Organizing for Power: A Raise for Every Home Care Worker in Vermont!
  6. An Urgent Call to Action: We Cannot Have a Repeat of 2010
  7. Of Fares and Fairness
  8. Wisconsin to Connecticut: 2011 Could Happen to You
  9. Cover Story: We Are 92,155 Stronger!
  10. ‘Get Together and Win!’
  11. Member to Member: How We Build A Stronger Union
  12. Resources
  13. Oakland and Solano County, California: UC, EMS Workers Win Great Contracts
  14. Monroe, Louisiana: A City’s Turnaround Point, Led by Its Public Workers
  15. Jersey City, New Jersey: Medical Center Workers Fight off Attacks, Ratify Contract
  16. Santa Fe, New Mexico: $30 Million Victory from a Simple Grievance
  17. Atlanta, Georgia: Bus Drivers Win Raises, Full-Time Positions
  18. Mahoning County, Ohio: Members Protest Pay Discrimination
  19. Las Vegas, Nevada: AFSCME Retirees Build Solidarity at ARA Convention
  20. Coralville, Iowa: Iowa Corrections Officers Recognize Our Veterans
  21. Davenport, Iowa: AFSCME Member Is a Hall of Famer
  22. Tallahassee, Florida: Public Employees Victorious in Challenge to Drug Testing Policy
  23. Independence, Missouri: Paramedic Honored for Saving Couple Shot 11 Times
  24. Seattle, Washington: Hospital Workers Gain Community Support
  25. Madison, Wisonsin: Heroic Efforts Win Praise for Water Utility Crew
  26. District of Columbia: Standing Up for Children
  27. AFSCME Women Preparing for Leadership Roles
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