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(Photo by Jerry Kramer)

American roads rarely close, so Rick Wiley, a highway worker in Waverly, Ks., is rarely off duty. “We’re out here 24/7 in snow and ice to make sure the roads stay open,” says Wiley.

Like Wiley, AFSCME members across the nation keep the country moving, from sunup to sundown and the overnight hours in between. In this issue, we’re taking a look at what our sisters and brothers across the country do to make America happen. It’s an inspiring reminder that even when we work the late shift alone, we’re not really alone.

Unfortunately, not everyone has our backs. In Rhode Island, Michigan and too many other states, officials are worried about their corporate cronies more than American workers. So what do we do about that? Some of our youngest AFSCME members have an idea: PEOPLE power.

Around the clock, across the country, we are the Green Machine.

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