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Chapter 2: Solving Computer-Related Health Problems

Table of Contents
  1. Step 1: Collecting Information on Injuries (Internal Link)
  2. Computer Operator Symptoms Survey
  3. Step 2: Job Analysis
  4. Computer Workstation Checklist
  5. Step 3: Solutions to Computer-Related Health Problems

Union activists are problem solvers. As with any other problem, the first step is to get the facts. The questions you need to answer for computerrelated health problems are:

Who has pain or other symptoms? 
Where in the workplace do employees feel aches and pains? 
When do workers feel these symptoms? 
Why are workers hurting? In other words, what equipment are they using and under what working conditions? 
What needs to be done to correct the problems?

There are three basic steps to answering these questions.

Step 1: Find out which workers have been injured or are having pain. Figure out where and when these problems are happening.

Step 2: Identify the working conditions that are causing the injuries.

Step 3: Determine ways to correct the conditions that are causing problems.

Whether working in cooperation with management or not, your local should establish a health and safety or ergonomics committee. The committee is the vehicle for identifying problems and recommending solutions. In addition, the ergonomics committee should monitor the effectiveness of the ergonomics program.

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