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AFSCME Endorses Kathleen Falk for Wisconsin Governor

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Kathleen Falk
Kathleen Falk

Wisconsin’s largest union representing state, county and municipal employees, has endorsed Kathleen Falk for governor in this year’s recall election.

AFSCME Wisconsin’s decision was made after an extensive interview process involving all declared and potential candidates. Falk emerged as the strongest leader to reverse Gov. Scott Walker’s reign of deceit and job-killing extremism.

Unlike Walker, Falk has a record of partnering with public workers to solve problems. Her commitment respects the traditional values of Wisconsin, the birthplace of AFSCME.

“As Dane County Executive, Kathleen Falk solved tight budgets with workers through collective bargaining,” said Jim Garity, a Jefferson County highway worker and president of AFSCME Council 40.  “Together we saved taxpayers nearly $11 million by negotiating contracts that included wage and benefit concessions without taking away workers' rights.”

AFSCME members appreciate Falk’s unwavering support for workers’ rights. “There’s never been any question about her commitment to solving problems through the collective bargaining process,” Garity said.

Unlike the current governor, who used a sneak attack to destroy 50 years of public employee collective bargaining, Falk has no hidden agenda.  She’s always been clear about her commitment to working people.

“Kathleen Falk has staked out a clear, detailed, transparent plan for restoring workers’ rights in Wisconsin, and that vision and that courage are what it will take to beat Scott Walker. Nothing short and nothing less,’ said Brian Stafford, a city of Milwaukee public works employee and president of AFSCME Council 48. As county executive, Falk led the fight to challenge Walker's law to take away collective bargaining rights that was passed illegally in the middle of the night. As governor, she will restore those rights so public employees can once again negotiate for fair wages, benefits and working conditions.”