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Collective Bargaining Rights Upheld in SD

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Activists from AFSCME Council 59 and other supporters of workers’ rights in South Dakota defeated an effort to revoke collective bargaining for public employees there.

First, they persuaded the bill’s sponsor, South Dakota state Sen. Stan Adelstein (R-Rapid City), to reverse course and drop his support for it. Then they participated in a petition drive that collected 750 signatures opposing the measure. Members also packed a House Commerce and Energy Committee hearing on Wednesday, expressing their displeasure. They were joined by Rapid City Mayor Sam Kooiker in urging a no vote. They won – unanimously.

Voters in Ohio recently came to the same conclusion and voted down a measure that also would have repealed collective bargaining rights. But workers’ union rights are under attack in Indiana, Michigan and other states.

In Wisconsin, where the nationwide battle to preserve collective bargaining began last year, AFSCME and other supporters of worker rights are fighting back.

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