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Millennials Want to Protect Social Security and Medicare

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By Kate Childs Graham Legislation Next Wave Medicare Medicaid Social Security
Millennials Want to Protect Social Security and Medicare

The Millennial Generation – those aged 18 to 29 – have never had to live without a social safety net. Social Security, Medicare and other entitlement programs have been around their whole lives. So it shouldn’t be surprising that young adults favor preserving programs like Social Security and Medicare over cutting the deficit. In fact they do so 48 to 41, according to a poll recently conducted by Pew Research Center.

Melinda Pearson, a Next Waver and Local 4001 (Minnesota Council 5) member, put it this way, “Cuts to Social Security and Medicare are simply wrong. Access to medical care, regardless of your income, should be a basic right. Retiring with dignity should also be considered a right. We pay into the Social Security system from the time that we begin working. It should be there for all of us when we come to the sunset of our lives.”

In the coming weeks, young AFSCME members will join together with members of all ages to call upon Congress to protect Medicare and Social Security. If you are 35ish or under, join our tele-town hall this Monday, January 28, to learn how you can be involved in the fight.