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Next Wave Takes Over EM Office in Detroit

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Next Wave Takes Over EM Office in Detroit
More than 500 young AFSCME members poured into Detroit’s Hart Plaza to tell “One Tough Nerd” Gov. Rick Snyder he is no nerd. He is a bully. (Photo by Jessica Weinstein)

DETROIT – Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder – the man who signed a heinous right-to-work-for-less law and took away voters’ rights with his emergency financial manager law – calls himself “One Tough Nerd.” AFSCME’s Next Wave came to Detroit to tell Governor Snyder that he is no nerd. He is a bully

First, more than 500 young AFSCME members poured in to Detroit’s Hart Plaza, where they held a satirical nerd press conference. “We’re here today to call out a fraud in the ranks of nerd-dom…Let me explain to Governor Snyder what makes a nerd. A nerd is honest! A nerd stands up for people in need! A nerd stands up for democracy!” one of the lead nerds began.

Members of Michigan Council 25 shared their personal stories about how Governor Snyder’s anti-union policies have impacted their lives. Thomas Johnson, who works for the Detroit Water and Sewage Department said, “They want to cut our department in half. I’m talking about kicking out the people that keep the water safe to drink…They want to cut to make way for overpaid consultants.”

Leaving Hart Plaza, the Next Wave – or Nerd Wave – marched to City Hall, where Detroit’s Emergency Manager Kevin Orr has his office. Orr, who was appointed by Governor Snyder and is not accountable to taxpayers, wants to sell the city off piece by piece to big corporations. Next Wavers inside and outside Orr’s office led chants and banged drums. Meanwhile, a group of nerds dropped banners over overpasses displaying the message, “Hands Off Our City.”

Check out this video for highlights of the action:

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