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Pass the Jobs Bill: Reclaim the American Dream

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AFSCME today unveiled a television ad demanding Congress pass President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act.

“The voice of the working middle class has been under attack for decades, but from Madison to Manhattan, people are standing up and fighting back to reclaim the American dream,” said AFSCME Pres. Gerald W. McEntee. “Washington can help them by passing the American Jobs Act now.”

In announcing the “Podium” ad, Paula Schnelly, an AFSCME member from Swoyersville, Penn., discussed how her community was hard hit by joblessness and the feelings of hopelessness that come with it.

“What many in Washington may not understand is that the absence of jobs hurts a community in many ways,” Schnelly said. “My Congressman, Representative Barletta, and the whole Congress, needs to support the President’s plan to help create good, jobs that will support the middle class.” 

“Podium” will begin airing today in states across the country. A separate radio advertisement will also run in select states. The ad centers on giving the middle class a podium where they can be heard. Airing in congressional districts across the country, the ad urges residents to call their members of Congress and tell them to pass the American Jobs Act.

“This country is in the throes of one of the worst financial crises in this country’s history, and Americans are reclaiming their voice in a Main Street Movement that spans from Madison to Columbus to New York to cities across the nation,” said AFSCME Sec.-Treas. Lee Saunders.

Last night Saunders discussed the President’s jobs bill on MSNBC’s Politics Nation and previewed the television ad.