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Stop Sen. Wyden’s Health Tax

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By AFSCME Legislation Health Care

The last thing families struggling in this tough economy need is to pay more for their health benefits. But Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) wants to tax the health care benefits many Americans get from their jobs – as if they were income. And his plan doesn’t include a public insurance option to ensure that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.

Far from moving us in the direction of comprehensive health care reform, Senator Wyden’s proposal would only make the problem worse: costs would go up and fewer people would get the health care they need.

That’s why AFSCME launched a campaign this week against Senator Wyden’s plan to tax Americans’ health care. We will contact Oregon families by direct mail, phone outreach, door-to-door conversations, and through a new website at

Also, AFSCME is co-sponsoring a radio ad campaign in Oregon with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and the National Education Association to urge Congress to make quality, affordable health care accessible to all, not tax Americans’ benefits.