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Utah Police Officers Vote to Unionize

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By Korey Hartwich Organizing Public Safety Public Service

Unified Police FederationAfter a decisive election Tuesday, 325 police officers in Greater Salt Lake City, Utah, will now be represented by The Unified Police Federation/AFSCME Local 45 (Federation).

“Police officers work hard and risk our lives on a daily basis to keep our communities safe,” said Don Campbell, president of Unified Police Federation/AFSCME Local 45. “I’m proud that the officers of Greater Salt Lake City have chosen to stand strong, together, as part of AFSCME. Our jobs are tough. Our union is tougher.”

The Federation has set the standard for quality representation for police officers in Utah. Like AFSCME affiliates across the country, local control and a focus on members’ needs enables the Federation to improve the working conditions and defend the rights of the proud men and women who protect and serve their community. And national expertise, resources and solidarity help win and defend strong contracts, and provide officers a strong voice on the job.

Detective Nate Clark“In my opinion, investing in the Federation is as important as health insurance and retirement planning,” said Detective Nate Clark, Officer of the Year and Gang Officer of the Year 2012.

The Federation is accountable, democratic, member-driven and locally led. By joining with AFSCME, the largest public employee labor union in the nation representing more than 100,000 public safety workers, Utah police officers gain the national resources, power and expertise to win progress.