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Two Hundred-Plus County Employees Join AFSCME in Indy

230 Marion County workers choose AFSCME after newly elected officials granted their employees the right to bargain collectively.

David Patterson |

Sharp Hearts, Sharp Cares, Sharp Nurses

More than 300 Sharp Healthcare nurses rally to show that they’re part of the real Sharp experience.

Tiffanie Bright and Jeff Rogers |

California Public Workers Find Strength with AFSCME

More than 6,000 workers are teaming up with AFSCME.

Justin Lee and Olivia Sandbothe |

Workers and Community Stand United to Save Howard University Hospital

Howard University Hospital workers rally to raise awareness of the high quality health care they provide to the Washington, DC, community.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Standing Strong in Illinois

An anti-worker governor is trying to silence Illinois state employees, but they aren’t backing down.

Olivia Sandbothe |

All They Want is Respect – and a Fair Contract

Washington’s governor has refused to offer the state’s workers a two-year contract that reflects the work they do.

Clyde Weiss |

AFSCME Workers Protests Lead to New Jobs, Lighter Caseloads

Minnesota county approves hiring workers to help with heavy caseloads, staffing shortages.

Lynette Kalsnes and David Patterson |

Delegates Rally at Trump Hotel

More than 2,000 AFSCME delegates took it to the streets Wednesday, standing in solidarity with Culinary Workers demanding a fair contract at the Trump International Hotel.


President Lee Saunders - Keynote Address (Highlights)

Overtime Pay is Now the Rule for Many Home Care Providers

Nearly two million home care workers nationwide now have the right to overtime pay, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling.

Clyde Weiss |

AFSCME Public Safety - Proud to Protect and Serve

Community Support Boosts Maui Lifeguards in Win for Fair Contract

Lifeguards in Maui County, Hawaii, won a fair contract, but It took a public campaign by HGEA members to achieve their victory.

Kevin Brown |

Less Harry Potter but Just As Much Magic for This AFSCME Strong Activist

Stephanie Davis, a library clerk in Louisville, Kentucky, would much rather spend a quiet weekend at home than having one-on-one conversations with strangers. But the AFSCME Strong training changed that.

Pablo Ros |

Ohio Taxpayers Get Milked by State Prison Farm Selloff

Ohio taxpayers to shell out $2.6 million annually for milk for prison inmates who used to get it from prison farms that are now closing.

David Patterson |

Becoming AFSCME Strong One Door at a Time

After an intensive AFSCME Strong training session, AFSCME Florida leaders across North Florida are taking lessons they learned back to their fellow members.

Mark McCullough |

Worksite Unity Ignites Reclassification Win

With a never-quit attitude, employees of the Miami-Dade County (FLA) Public Works Department won the compensation they deserved.

Mark McCullough |

Over 10,000 Rally in Illinois, Demanding Governor Rauner Stop His Hostage-Taking

Chanting “Stop hurting our state!” thousands rallied at the Illinois Capitol to protest Governor Rauner’s harmful inaction.

David Kreisman |

On the (AFSCME Strong) Road Again

Minnesota state patrol vehicle inspector Jim Ullmer Jr. recently traveled 1,009 miles to talk to members. He’s AFSCME Strong!

Clyde Weiss |

9,300 Phone Calls + 1,400 House Visits Proves CSEA Is AFSCME Strong

Members of New York’s CSEA Local 1000 recently signed more than 1,800 Never Quit campaign cards, demonstrating their commitment to their union.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

AFSCME Members Help Defeat Paycheck Deception in Missouri

AFSCME members helped block efforts to push ‘paycheck deception’ legislation through the Missouri Legislature this week. A veto override failed, thanks to their hard work.

Alexandra Townsend, Missouri Council 72 |
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