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Connecting Co-Workers in Florida

From state to state, workers are joining AFSCME for a stronger voice on the job.

Pablo Ros & Mark McCullough |

‘Right-to-Work’ Scam Darkens West Virginia

West Virginia lawmakers passed a law making it harder for workers to gain better wages, benefits and working conditions.

David Patterson |

New Mexico Corrections Officers Avert Uprising

As 100 union members rallied at the State Capitol in support of increased funding to address dangerous understaffing inside New Mexico’s correctional facilities, officers were quelling an uprising at one of the state-run facilities.

Miles Conway and Kevin Brown |

‘AFSCME Saved My Career’

Late last year, James McGee learned about the value of his union when he turned to AFSCME Local 3030 to actually fight for his job.

Mark McCullough |

DC 37 Takes Fight for City University Funding to Albany

DC 37 has revved up a campaign for higher education, urging New York state legislators to adequately fund the City University of New York.

Mike Lee |

California Home Care Providers Win Overtime Pay

California’s home care providers have finally won overtime pay and travel time compensation after years of advocacy.

Kevin Brown |

“We Have to Keep on Building This Union … We Can Never Give Up”

Working with special needs children, Park says her voice on the job has made it possible for her to advocate for the education and care her students need.

Pablo Ros |

AFSCME Volunteers Rally with Bill Clinton in Iowa

400-plus volunteers from AFSCME and other unions joined former President Bill Clinton in Iowa for a Get Out The Caucus event.

David Patterson |

In Florida, Stepping Up the Drive for Respect

Florida state employees, who have gone eight years without a pay increase, are telling elected officials it’s time for a change.

Mark McCullough |

AFSCME Strong Training in New Jersey: Small in Size, Big on Energy

In January, AFSCME Council 52 welcomed the New Year by getting AFSCME Strong-er.

Pablo Ros |

Maryland Members in Tough Budget Fight

AFSCME Maryland Council 3 members were able to restore step raises in this year’s budget, but they will face fights over proposed job cuts and outsourcing of state services.

Michael Byrne |

Workers Stand Up To Supreme Court Threat

Hundreds of workers assembled outside the U.S. Supreme Court to protest the ongoing attacks against working families from wealthy special interest groups.

Pablo Ros |

AFSCME Member from Ohio Delivers Petition: Stop the Attacks!

Stephanie Wiley helped deliver petitions demanding a special interest group stop using the U.S. Supreme Court to attack middle-class families.

Pablo Ros |

They’re AFSCME Strong and They Want You to Be, Too

Detroit public service workers Phyllis McMillon and June Clark epitomize AFSCME Strong, knowing that one-to-one conversations with co-workers is what’s needed to build power at a time when workers are fighting for their rights on the job.

Clyde Weiss |

Taking Back Our Union: Here's How We're Growing Stronger

For the first time in more than 30 years, Chicago cab drivers have a union — a driver-led AFSCME local chartered with the goal of solving tough problems that range from burdensome revenue-raising regulations to police harassment.

David Kreisman & Clyde Weiss |

Thousands Rally for Fairness Across Illinois

Thousands of AFSCME members and retirees sent a loud and boisterous message to Gov. Bruce Rauner this month: Anti-worker agendas have no place in Illinois.

David Kreisman |

Fight Against Outsourcing Starts Early

Too often the dangers of outsourcing hit us when the proverbial train has already left the station, making the pushback efforts that much harder. But AFSCME members at the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department got ahead of the curve.

Mark McCullough |

Ohio Corrections Officer Is Making Her Local AFSCME Strong

In the last few months, Bobbie-Jo Heinlen of OCSEA has signed up 50 new members of her local and dozens of PEOPLE MVPs.

Pablo Ros |

NOLA Taxi Drivers Push for Seat at the Table

Members of New Orleans Cab Drivers for Justice/AFSCME Local 234 are demanding a seat at the table on transportation policy.

Namita Waghray |

AFSCME Protesters Trump the Donald in Iowa

AFSCME members take on The Donald at his own event in Davenport, Iowa, on Dec. 5. His policies: Bad for working families.

David Patterson |
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