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Chicago, New Orleans Cabbies Join Global Uber Protest

Hundreds of AFSCME-represented cab drivers in Chicago and New Orleans joined cab drivers from around the world Sept. 16 in a “Global Day of Action Against Uber” and other unlicensed rideshare taxi operations.

David Kreisman and Namita Waghray |

Public Safety Congress Gets AFSCME Strong

Hundreds of AFSCME first responders gathered in Albuquerque, N.M., for the 2015 Public Safety Congress to discuss important issues regarding public safety, service and building power through AFSCME Strong.

Omar Tewfik |

Campaign Helps Reduce Violence in Minnesota Hospitals

Minnesota state hospital workers – AFSCME Council 5 members – waged a successful public education campaign to improve safety against violent attacks by patients.

Jennifer Munt and Clyde Weiss |

Contract Oversight is $1.25 Million Payoff

District 1199J, NUHHCE/AFSCME reached a settlement with the county that will mean big increases in many paychecks following a settlement to fix a contract oversight.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Unified Locals AFSCME Strong with New Contract

AFSCME Locals 1328 and 1781, representing 2,400 clerks, LPNs, maintenance, PCAs and other professional and critical staff at UF Health Jacksonville, overwhelmingly approved a new three-year contract.

Mark McCullough |

AFSCME Wisconsin Wins Raise for Milwaukee County Workers

A majority of Milwaukee County employees now have a 1.5 percent cost-of-living wage, thanks to the persistence of Wisconsin AFSCME Council 32.

Clyde Weiss |

City Concessions Allow Employees to Avert Strike

Troutdale, Oregon members who voted overwhelming to strike for better health care benefits, were still on the job after city negotiators conceded workers’ demand for quality health care, a 9% pay raise over 3 years, increased paid leave and much more.

Kevin Brown |

Members at Bankrupt Nonprofit Get $2.5 Million

When news broke in March of the bankruptcy of New York City’s largest nonprofit, the Federation of Employment and Guidance Services (FEGS), the future of 1,400 employees represented by AFSCME Local 215 (DC 1707) was at the mercy of the bankruptcy court.

Kevin Zapf Hanes and G.L. Tyler |

Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 Makes History

After decades of being treated like second-class citizens by the City of Chicago, cab drivers on Aug. 1 took the historic step of forming their own local union, the first in 30 years in Chicago.

David Kreisman |

Union Helps Her Recover $12,800

Deloris Wells' supervisor was not completing her annual evaluation form. And without a completed form she didn’t get a wage increase, year after year - so she called in the union for help.

Mark McCullough |

Mass Rally Defends Sanitation Jobs, Services

More than 200 union members stood united with small business owners and community activists in front of City Hall here Aug. 4, protesting the Council’s recent decision to move forward with consideration of outsourcing the city’s sanitation services.

Mark McCullough |

AFSCME Strong Bus Driver on Board

“I have a very strong passion in what I do,” he says. “I’m still learning, but I feel as though I am making a difference in my workplace, in my local. It’s all about the membership," said Frank Upchurch, a bus driver and President of Local 1959.

Pablo Ros |

Kentucky COs Earn Raises, Respect

Kentucky corrections officers earned hefty pay increases and bonuses from an administration concerned about retaining and attracting good employees willing to perform the dangerous work.

David Patterson |

Atlanta Workers Speak Up, Win Raises

The City Council voted overwhelmingly July 21 to approve a 3.5 percent pay increase for approximately 3,000 Atlanta city workers in public works, corrections, and parks and recreation, among other city services.

Namita Waghray |

Act 10 Creates Corrections Crisis in Wisconsin

In 2010, Wisconsin’s Department of Corrections (DOC) boasted near full employment with well-trained, experienced corrections officers who considered the job a career and earned a fair wage with good benefits. Act 10 changed everything.

David Patterson |

Contract Win at Vermont’s HowardCenter

More than 13 months of intensive contract negotiations has yielded a lucrative new contract for AFSCME members working at Vermont's HowardCenter, a nonprofit social services organization.

AFSCME Council 93 |

Oregon AFSCME Pushes Reform for All Workers

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed into law a groundbreaking package of workplace and retirement legislation that could serve as a model for other states.

John Noonan |

2015 Next Wave Assembly Highlights

Cab Drivers United Get Results on Police Harassment

Cab Drivers United set up a meeting with high-ranking Chicago police officials to discuss policing practices that target cab drivers. As a result, the department issued a “cease and desist” to the officers who made a habit of targeting cab drivers.

David Kreisman |

Retirees Build on Success, Look to Protect Retirement Security

More than 100 retirees gathered for the Alliance for Retired Americans Legislative Conference and the Annual AFSCME Retiree Council meeting in the nation’s capital this week, lobbying lawmakers to protect Social Security, Medicare and public pensions.

Clyde Weiss |
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